The Fool Speaks!

(Warning: This is a futile attempt to understand the great mystery of the universe. if you wish not to subject yourself to the blabbering of a hopeless fool. It’s time to move to the next entry.) 

I am a fool and I am writing. Let me write about something that has been discussed countless of times. Let me write about fate, A word I would never understand. Who else, but a fool like me would write about things he never understood. So I pray for your forgiveness for writing it and for writing it again. And I beg thee to give me a few ticks of your precious time. I’m writing about things you’ve read before. so listen now, I know how precious your time is.

I won’t pretend to understand what fate is all about.  I won’t even bother to consult the dictionary to look for its definition, knowing that it will only give me the meaning in words and not in essence. The true meaning of words will vary depending on the person using this word.  It vary, not because, we’re reading different books, many of us never had the opportunity to read one, but because we understood the same thoughts in different ways.  It vary not because we sleep on different beds, some of us doesn’t have one to sleep on, but because we dream of different things. It vary not because we eat different foods, some of us have none to eat, but because we understand taste differently. This tastes or dreams or understanding is the rudder that stirs our choices. And because we understand and perceive differently, we react differently.

We see people do stupid things. Some people acts on impulse. Some people do crazy things that may seem to defy logic. Things that we thought impossible for people to do? But have you ever asked yourself what are possible and impossible? Our perception for possibility and impossibility depends on our knowledge and logic. but our knowledge and logic is not absolute, therefore, our grasp for what is possible and impossible  is limited.  Meditate on things you do not know, maybe the “Possibility” lies there.

I don’t know what my fate will be. I have a very shallow logic about matters concerning the mysteries of life. But let me speak with authority this time around. Please indulge me a few moments through the generosity of your soul, and let this fool speak with authority about some foolishness.

I only understand one thing. I am here because my choices lead me here. In the next few days I would make a decision that would change my life forever. What it is, is for me to keep (even fools are allowed to bury their own secrets). But I have this to say; My life is a roller coaster ride (maybe just like everyone else’s). I made huge mistakes in my life, and I do that a lot. A lot that if people actually learn from their mistakes, I would have been the smartest guy on the world.  My fate is what I make. I’ve decided to make it so with the options I choose and the actions I made. No one made those choices for me. I choose to have it. Fate therefore my friends is where our choices take us.

Here is just a fool blabbering about fate. If you have heard this blabbers from someone else before, well then, perhaps I’m not the only fool around