College Poems

Reading old inks

weathered papers touching my palm

old words written

fashioned during empty nights

old college poems

by old students all gone on

old rhymes I’ve read before

old rhymes I’m reading again

old memories flooding back

new smiles forming in

old names remembered

old places revisited in the mind

sometimes you’ll just wonder

though good new poems

printed on brand new pages

sound good and refreshing

it is those moments

embodied in those old college poems

I always come back to


6 thoughts on “College Poems”

  1. hmm.. senti? 🙂

    btw, thnx for droppin in my blog.. sure, you can add me in ur blogroll.. i added you already in return.. ty.. :0)

    —okies, tenshu 🙂

  2. ganda naman!!!! nainspire tuloy ako kahit pagod na. it made me think of my past too… errr

    — Tenshu sa papuri hehehe

  3. nice 😀
    “those were d best of tyms” …kaka miss and wen i luk bak sa mga college poems ko, naalala ko din talaga yung mga mem’ries nun and d ispiration..senti mode 😀

  4. surprise, your link dropped in my sight and with a click, we are on the same boat.

    I am glad that we have the same hobby in literature.

    carry me on if possible, thank you ahead.

  5. old college poems always welcome you to return and revive the old memories at old time, despite the fact that time has changes, you have changed.

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