Of Chills and Soul

I woke up around 4:00 AM. My XM Radio Online was playing Christmas carols. But something is missing. I am wearing shorts and an old sando, and it doesn’t feel right.  It feels like I am missing a part of my very soul.

I grew up north,  In TuaoCagayan Valley. Probably around 99.98% of the Filipinos haven’t heard the place. It’s a small laid back  town  near Tuguegarao City. Home to more than 26,000 people.  If you happen to visit the Basilica Minore of the Lady of Piat, you will notice that the Basilica is overlooking sleepy old town that stand humbly between the mighty Cagayan River and the majestic mountains of the Kalingas and the Apayaos. That place is Tuao. Home of my childhood. Whose sun kissed soil was forever witness to centuries of perfect sunsets and of countless mist embraced dawns.

December is the time of the year when I usually drown myself to 3 layers of blankets and piles of pillows. When even the crickets would not sing their song because of the cold. When I feel happy lying in the dark listening to Christmas carols buried beneath the blankets.

Manila is whole different world for me. Though I’ve been here for a couple of years now. Manila is beautiful as it is stressful.  I miss the morning fog of Cagayan. It’s chilly wind at dusk and the care free smiles of its people.

Every night, as the bus, taking me to work, was passing through Quezon Memorial Circle, where the trees stand proudly amidst the chaos that was Elliptical Road.  I open the window and closed my eyes. I allowed the cool air to caress my face. I let the sensation take me to another place. Back to Cagayan, where the December chill could freeze ones soul into a state of childhood forever.

 Ahh… How I yearn to be home.


8 thoughts on “Of Chills and Soul”

  1. as the saying goes ” home is where the heart is”. 🙂

    I agree that despite the technologies and riches the city has to offer it could never replace the freshness and beauty of provinces.Sariwang hangin, sariwang food, green na kapaligiran,beaches..plus priceless childhood memories and presence of kins..hayyyy sarap talaga umuwi sa sarili mong tahanan.

    — Oo nga. At saka nakakamis din ang lutong bahay 🙂

  2. wow, i can imagine your hometown. sarap siguro bumisita dun 🙂 nung asa iloilo kami, i stayed in a house of an aunt in the middle of the mountain. ang lamig, brrrrr. walang proper toilet asa gitna ng isang bato bato na may kurtina lang, walang proper tubig kasi igib ka sa balon, walang ref… nahulog pa ako sa ilog kasi naman ang tulay nila sobrang patpatin lang, si kengkay naka heels (weee, joks kang) kasi nauna yung kaba ko kaya hulog ako, pero yun ang pinaka-enjoy kong stay. as in we had to walk a long way bago makahanap ng sasakyan din…

    — hahaha. buti nagsurvive ka? 🙂

  3. i wish to visit your place. Naimagine ko na how peaceful it is there. maybe one day or maybe a week after i visit my dream place batanes. uwi ka na kasi….

    —Batanes is near our place, they are both part of Region 2. Cagayan has a lot of beaches too. 🙂

  4. wow. ang ganda ng pagkakadescribe sa hometown. with that, i think it’s better than baguio or tagaytay.. parang gusto ko tuloy mavisit ang place na yan.. ~woot.

    —Call it Love 🙂

  5. Mahusay. May kaibigan ako from Tuao, kilala mo ba ang mga Yu? May business yata sila dun. Ang lamig na nga dito ngayon. Kaya ako tumigil muna magblog kasi hindi na laging maaraw. haha.

    — Ah ok. 🙂 ganda ng excuse eh heheheh. Yu, Yep malapit old hous namin sa mga Yu. Sino sa kanila? 🙂

  6. homesick? me too 😦 .. iba talaga ang tumira sa probinsya, simple lang buhay 🙂 .. pero uwi ka naman sa inyo sa pasko noh? sana maka-uwi ka! 😉

    — Yung ang problema. Hindi yata ako makakauwi. 🙂

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