My entire body is still sore from the long travel home. My left elbow, The one I dislocated some couple of years ago is aching due to the weather of Cagayan and partially due to some stupid reason when I fell off my seat inside the bus.  Its a trip I’d rather forget in a day worth remembering. It is the day when Badoodles and His Bebe would exchange wedding vows.

I arrived at the Tuguegarao Cathedral at around 6:00 in the evening. The entire ceremony is about to kick off. The sponsors are ready for the entrance. I saw Badoodles standing infront of the pack. His face broke into a smile as he saw me approaching. But make no mistake, he is nervous. but come to think of it, who wouldn’t be nervous in their wedding day?. After a few laughs and some male-hormone-induced-verbal-fencing, I left him alone so he could do his thing.

I was standing alone at the back when I noticed that I wasn’t really dressed for the occasion. It is a formal attire accassion and guess what I was wearing. A rock shirt, jeans and a chuck taylor. Stupid me. 

The ceremony is about to begin when the videographer asked me if I could help in opening the Cathedrals massive door. I asked what for? the door is already open. He said it’s for the effects later. The door would open and Jude will walk slowly towards the altar. I said “Ok. I’ll do it”. They closed the door when the wedding march began. Me and the guy in a polo shirt stood behind the doors. I peep through the gap to see if other people are still outside, Instead I saw the bride standing on the other side, too close to the door. She appears calm but she’s breathing deeply. I whispered through the gap.

Ice: Relax, everything will be fine.

Jude: Who’s that?

Ice: Just relax, its your day. You’re beautiful.

Jude: Ron? is that you. hahaha Ikaw nga, good you can make it.( she recognized my voice)

Ice: Didn’t I tell you I won’t miss this for the world?

Jude: Dapat lang! Dapat lang!

It’s then when the videographer gave the signal to open the door. Then their Magic moments began. It was a walk that could have taken eternity to walk. I was there when it all began. Jude was a friend and classmate during my Paulinian days in Tuguegarao. Badoodles on the other hand is a friend since my Louisian days (school hopping was my hobby then), He was my first editor-in-chief in the Louisian Courier. We’ve been in countless absences together. Series of bull session, spent hour in panciterias, we debated against each other during provincial debate series, shared secrets, went to conventions together, we entered the lair of the Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army together (along with Waki, ehem, Waki) for an interview and also because no school paper has done it before, we even worked in the same company after college days. if someone would ask me to describe badoodles during those days, I would definetely tell them “Ink runs in his veins”. He maybe, just maybe the best Student Editor that ever held the the top post of the Courier, Even better than me (considering that I thought myself to be the best editor already, nyahahaha).

Their wedding also became a sort of reunion for old school paper friends, Liza was there, so is Lance and Sofi and Jose. Javi and Maeng was also in attendance. The old naughtiness just began working its magic again as if no time was lost. It was fun. It’s always good to have old friends around.  As the couple exchanges vows, I just can’t help but utter a silent prayer for them. These are good people who have some flaws like the rest of us, but still good people. They deserve to be happy. I whispered “Please make it work for them. With all my heart I want them to be happy. These two individuals are my friends”. I am happy for them.

And when I told them that I won’t miss their wedding for the world. I meant it.

Jude Rexx

(The photos are blurry but it served my purpose. Its not for me to show everything. If the couples wishes to show it to the world. It’s their option, afterall, It’s their moments)


18 thoughts on “Transcendence!”

  1. waaaah! kakainggit si mareng bebe! omigad! parang feel na feel ni mare ko ang pagrarampa. pero parang nakaka-nerbyos din tingnan. siguro kung ako yan malamang naihi na sa kaba. wahaha! haysss… kakainggit. gusto ko to:

    “Ice: Just relax, its your day. You’re beautiful.”

    tama ka, ice. di ko man sila kilala sa personal…sobrang bait ng couple na ‘to sa istilo pa lang ng pagbo-blog nila. talagang karespe-respeto na.

    — They are good people. 🙂

  2. ang ganda ganda naman… imagine talagang nag biyahe ka pa. ako din, gagawin ko din yan para lang makasali sa kasal ng mga mabuting kaibigan 😀

    — Tumpak, 🙂

  3. waw. talagang labs na labs mo ung couple..ansaya naman..parang ang haba ng nilakad nung bride ah..

    —- Nalaki kasi yung cathedral eh. But I think its worth all the effort. 🙂

  4. alam mo kapag ikinasal ka rin ( kung yun ay songle ka pa pare ha)…. aatend din yata ako kapag invited. Bah, i know your such a good person, wroyter, friend and blah blah blahh… mmm dami kong bola …tsukkks. Actually kababalik ng smart connection ko after 7 days. AnTaGal…. grabetss. it’s good that i’m back now… namiss ko tuloy bahay mo ‘tol.

    — Good to have you back. 🙂 Salamat, bait talaga ako. (Kapal, nyahahaha)

  5. galing, ambaet mo na kaibigan, kaw pa nagbukas ng door aheheh. ganda siguro ng kasal na yan. sana forever and ever silang happy 🙂 . tsaka ganda ng gown ng bebenikuyabadoodles ah, ay layk 😀 tnx sa picz 😉

    — 🙂

  6. huwaw…ang saya naman. ang sarap ng feeling nang ikinakasal. feeling ko pag nandiyan na ako sa stage na yan, maiiyak ako. tapos sasayaw ako ng macarena sa tuwa. eniweis, ang swerte mo at naka-attend ka sa kasal nila. ang laki pala ni baduds no? naiimagine ko kasing payat siya eh.

    — Kahit kelan, hindi siya naging payat. hehehe

  7. wow! congrats sa couple na ito. kakainggit. pangarap ko rin magganyan. sana matupad.

    Lord, kelan kaya may magtanong sa akin ng “Will you marry me?” waaaaa! tsk…

    — Wait lang, darating din yan. 🙂

  8. you’re such a sweet friend. yun nga lang badly, este, wrongly dressed for the occasion. haha. haay. kinikilig ako. and parang they really look good together (blurred, di ko mashado makita, mejo malabo rin mata ko. hehe)
    hindi pala payat si badoodles? naco, dagdag pogi points. 😉

    — Yep, they do look good together!

  9. akala ko rin malabo na mata ko eh pero naalala ko nakaslamin pla ko ngyon..haha! malabo talaga yung pic pero at least kita mo na yung silowet ni big brother badoodles at bebe nya…

    ikaw nga pala yung nababasa ko nagcomment na “i wont miss it for the world.” hehe! ur right mababait sila at sana nga di na sila maghiwalay.

    — Hehe, malabo talaga. Analog yung camera ko eh, nyahahaha, meron ba nun?

  10. aww ^_^. Ang ganda at sweet pero hindi para sa akin ang marriage. hehehe. parang ang sarap @ ang saya na ma-experience yan, pero allergic ako sa salitang “kasal”. Heheh. anyway, best wishes to the couple ^-^

    — Alam ba ng Boypren mo na may allergy ka sa ganyan? 🙂

  11. Ang ganda ng wedding, I like the gown of the bride! Sana ako din makasuot ng ganyan soon, naks!

    — Pagdating na time na yan, Invite moko ha? 😉

  12. Waaaaaah! Bro… the best talaga yung pakiramdam nung na recognize ko boses mo. Iba ka talaga… you made my journey to the married life more meaningful kasi napaka symbolic sa akin nung pag open ng door at yung walk ko na mag isa.

    I got everything i wanted and more sa wedding namin…. thanks for being a part of it!

    — Anytime. Syempre ninong ako sa first baby ha? Promise, di ko tuturuan ng kung ano-ano baby nyo 🙂

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