It was 4:00 PM. Everyone in PBCom building was in a hurry to go home. Our training class was dismissed earlier than usual. The inter-faith rally has begun. The management is worried of hooliganism, the rest of us was just worried about walking the distance from PBCom tower to the MRT station in Ayala.

I packed my things, picked my back pack ang head towards the exit. speeches ang yells from the nearby Paseo de Roxas greeted me as I stepped out. Headed towards the underpass and was determined to start the long walk.

As we pass through Paseo, Enoch, a co-worker asked me if we could stay for a while and listen to what the politicians are saying. I was really not in the mood for hanging around that day. At the same time, I am not interested in listening to politicians saying what has been said before. The same banana, different day. You just get tired of it. At the same time, it actually feels like watching a comedy seeing Erap egging a President to step down (Whether that president was actually elected by the majority or won the presidency by fraud).  I Said no, but Enoch is persistent. Eventually, I agreed. As we move forward to get a better look at the crowd, I was amazed. It’s a sea of humanity. 

It has been a while since I last attended a protest rally. That was way back college years when I was still an active member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) Cagayan Valley. Along the way things happen, somehow, you get disillusioned or simply got tired of things. That was the time when you turn your back and moved on.

I was beginning to feel dizzy, I was about to tell Enoch that I have to go, but he’s busy talking with someone. Eavesdropping to their conversation. I overheard that some protesters were unable to join the rally due to different reasons. Some were stopped at Laguna by LTO because of the Jeepneys permit to enter the metro and other groups were stopped because of phoney reasons.

I was thinking, If only the president allows the people accused of involvement in this multi-billion peso scam to come out in the open and try to clear their names, then there is no need for protests like this. Why is the Government so afraid of people coming together? Was it because there no longer any doubt in the mind of the populace that there are truths with Lozada’s testimony. Is the goverment (especially malacañang) beginning to fear its own shadow?

Right then and there, I feel like a college student again. Maybe, if the mind begins to forget, the heart never ceases to remember. Is my respect for my government taking a back seat if I ask myself how much I  love my country? The answer is without a doubt, YES!

During times like this, being neutral is a mortal sin. One needed to know if they are black or white. There is no middle ground for truth.

Enoch looked at me and said ” Tara na, malayo pa lalakarin natin” I looked at him and said, “una ka na bro, Maiiwan muna ako dito”.


16 thoughts on “Stand!”

  1. I am also tired of reading and watching news nowadays.
    Our generations has grown up and yEt we continue seeking for a good stateman
    and yEt….

    But I am still hopeful that he is just there somewhere.
    The best thing I can do maybe for now is to train my child
    to become a better person. That when he grows up he won’t be a “corrupt contributor”.
    Sa family naman nagsisimula lahat di ba.

    Its nice to read your works again Icey.
    Only this time you made me realized to be more sensitive to what is happening today in our country.

  2. success! ayan, natapos kong basahin lahat ng entries mo sa blog. pero di ako gaanong nakapag-comment. nagustuhan kong mas magbasa lang muna. para ma-absorb ko talaga ung mga binasa ko. naks! at dahil off ko naman, nakuha ko pang magbasa ng isang libro. kaya ngayon parang lalabas na ang mga mata ko. ilang inches na lang ang layo ng mukha ko sa monitor. hehe! but this is worth it.

    nabuhayan ka na nga ng pag-asa. sana magpatuloy yan. katulad ng sinabi ko sa komento ko dun sa first entry mo, kung halos lahat ng nabibilang sa kategorya ng produktibong henerasyon eh nawalan na ng pag-asa, wala na talagang mangyayari. sa totoo lang, nasa outlook lang din yan ng tao eh. kung harap-harapan naman na ang panloloko, dapat lang na matigil na ang kasamaan by all means. salamat sa pag-share ng ideas. nakakadagdag ang mga ito sa aking kaalaman.=)

  3. uy… di kaya nagkasalubong tayo dun without knowing it? andun ako from 3 in the afternoon to 9in the evening. ikot-ikot… tingin-tingin… piktyur-piktyur… iling-iling ulo when the politicos started yakking 😦

  4. @Mommy Witchy- I miss writing. Medyo naging busy sa work. 🙂 It’s always good to hear from you.

    @Alphasensei – Hehehe. Oy mabuti nga sa ayala ang basura nakakalat sa kalye. E sa Malacañang? ang basura nakaupo sa trono. hehehehe

    @Yuriyuana – Salamat sa pagtityaga mong basahin ang mga entry ko. Nakakataba ng puso. 🙂

    @Taroogs- Malamang nga, di ko lang masiguro, daming tao kasi eh. 😆

  5. hmmm.. ako naglakad from MRT ayala station to rcbc bldg! haayz. So tiring. Sakit sa ulo ng mga nangyayari sa kapaligiran.. next week daw ulet.. Y_Y

  6. glad to know you made a stand bro. i actually served 3 presidents while working in the opis of d’ president but not the current administration. siguro kung nandiyan ako ay sasali din ako

  7. if the mind begins to forget, the heart never ceases to remember <<< aww kakatats…

    naalala ko tuloy yung XMEN – yeah, pick a syd!!! M on UR SYD 😀

  8. icey…jei ‘to. naks! english ha…anyway, its good to hear from you again. by the way, do me a favor naman. i’ve changed my blogsite. my old one kinda messed up. here’s my new one, hope i-add mo pa rin sa blogroll mo.

    maraming salamat dude!

  9. maraming tao na ngayon ang individualistic. walang inatupag kundi ang sarili. basta kumakain ng 3 beses sa isang araw, walang pakelam kung nagkakagulo na sa gobyerno.
    nung mga unang labas pa lang ng balita, spectator lang ako. mejo naniniwala lang sa mga testimonies. pero nung pumunta na si lozada sa school namin, nagkaron ako ng chance na mapakinggan yung speech nya, mga sentiments and ideas.

    and now, i know kung kanino kailangan magsupport – the side of the truth.

    continue to share your ideas. I was amazed by this post. sumisigaw talaga yung feelings.

  10. tagal din walang entry ah. back in college, talaga yatang sumasama ang mga estudyante sa mga rally. pero ngayon, na nasa probinsya ako, and after hearing and reading the same things over & over again… haay. i don’t read the dailies anymore & my tv watching time is next to nil. (actually, busy lang. with work, with hubby, hehe) keep on writing. i miss reading entries from you, andalang eh. hehe. what’s keeping you busy these days?

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