Let Me Write Again

It’s been a while. I thought life’s schedule is pretty hectic. I thought staying in bed and thinking about a million what ifs could keep you busy for the entire day. Think about it, Bumming could also be a pain in the arse.

I tried reading, I’ve been a regular visitor to the second hand books shop at the Megamall. But even reading doesnt suffice my need to clog my head.

DVD marathon is a regular thing but even that couldn’t fill in the gaps.

I started working again. I thought maybe this would keep me occupied, but to my surprise, this could be the most lax work in the universe.

Booted up my computer, with nothing to do. I opened the net. visited my old blogsite. it’s been a while, really. I smiled, I changed the theme and start keying the keyboards…Let me write again.


5 thoughts on “Let Me Write Again”

  1. ur one of my most treasured favorite blogger-friend. You made me smile because i’m really glad that ur back!

    yours is the first site that I checked when I opened my site again. 🙂

  2. welcome back from your literary hiatus, kapatid.

    imagine, we could both be browsing at the booksale at the same time without even knowing it.

    dapat may mga t-shirts tayo or pins or ids ano? hehehe 🙂

    hahaha. Oo nga. d naman pwede ang name plate hehehe

  3. i kept coming back here trying to check if you’ve updated. kung kelan naman ako busy tsaka ka bumalik. nice to have you back ron. sulat lang ulet ng sulat at nang may mabasa ulet ako. hehe.

  4. you’re back! it’s been a while since i stopped coming here (and coming to a lot of other blogs, actually). temporary blog hopping hiatus–but i’ve been trying to get back to blog hopping recently.
    anyway, glad you’re back and hope you’re here to stay! 😀

    tagal ko ding hindi nagsulat. Salamat sa pagdalaw ulit. 🙂

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