A Testament of Faith


This book marked the return of bestselling author Anne Rice to the catholic faith and perhaps it also marks the end of a great series about the damned, more popularly known as the “Vampire Chronicles”.

This book is about the child Jesus in a whole new light. The story about a child confused on having the power to kill a boy by simply wishing him dead and the power to bring the boy back to life. A child curious about the mysteries concerning his birth that his family seem to keep it for themselves and discuss it in hushed voices most of the time.

The story began in Alexandria, Egypt,. several years after Jesus and his family went there to escape herod. After having told through a dream that it’s time for them to go home, Jesus and family packed and set back to Nazareth, the home of his parents. where they were reunited with family members who stayed behind.

Aside from the conflict in their journey home and the mystery sorrounding Jesus’ birth, The story also tell of Jesus’ education and his coming of age.

A biblical story told in an Anne Rice style narrative, too little could go wrong. Vampire or no vampire, Anne Rice is still a great tale spinner.

News went out that a film based on the book itself was scheduled to start shooting somewhere in Israel last 2007 with the hope that it will hit the screen later in 2008 but with no other clear reason aside from “creative differences” the project was shelved.


5 thoughts on “A Testament of Faith”

  1. looks like Anne Rice took that 360 degrees turn on her writing style. But it’s always good when someone embraces back Christianity. I was a huge fan of her previous writings though. Many have tried to follow her footsteps, but none really made it as good…

  2. hmmn. this one looks quite interesting. i’m not really a fan of anne rice. although i’ve read a book she wrote using her other pen name (snow white ba yun o sleeping beauty — mejo graphically sexual, didn’t enjoy it much). sige nga, try ko ngang basahin yan. πŸ™‚

    Haha, binasa mo ung sleeping buety series? sinama mo na din sana yung the claiming of snow white. hahaha. erotic novels ang mga yun eh. πŸ™‚

  3. oi, basta recommended by icey, maganda. makabali nga. pero while reading this, para akong nagbabasa ng assignment sa school.

    hehehe. tiyagain mo na. maganda naman eh. πŸ™‚

  4. i still haven’t read any of her books. been meaning to. yung friend ko, fave siya. napanood ko lang yung interview with the vampire na movie. ahaha.

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