In This Circus Called Life


Life can either make you or break you. That much we know. How you end up depends on how much pounding you took and how that pounding affected you. I have seen the strongest of man cower by merely the thoughts of storms and seen the weakest of them come out of the storm bruised, battered but stronger.

How old am I? Not old, but absolutely im not getting any younger. The heydays are several humps behind. I know there will be sporadic parties ahead but you won’t see me head banging anytime soon. in truth, Age doesn’t really mellow you down, maturity does. I’ve had my fair share of bruising and battering. Did i come out stronger? The truth is; I don’t know. I sure hope I did, or at least I will.

The thing about life is that ; the bruising and battering comes and go. Depending on the circumstances. The choices me make and the life we led creates a potent recipe of pounding and battering if you are not really careful or you really care less. The pounding comes in different strengths, this does not depend solely on how strong the hands that wields the hammer, it also depends on  how soft you are when you are pounded.  Like storms that comes in different strengths, we come out at the eye of the storm with different lesson learned.

The real journey begins after the storms. when you begin to take the initial steps. when you begin to pick up the pieces. little steps, piece by smaller piece. smirk, just a little smirk each day. strength comes with moving. Keep on moving until the steps becomes a journey, until the pieces becomes whole, until the smirk becomes a smile, until the smile becomes laughter, until laughter becomes life.

But until then…we keep moving.