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chest heaving,
time ticking
nerves pounding,
heart drumming,
on and on ond on

there’s life
after a storm
it creeps and its drawn
but we can move
on and on and on

there is no turn in this bend
just a streched of a long dirt road
unlit when darkness descends
unforgiving when coldness holds

the sad song plays
and beat skips slow
the strings play along
and the notes dragged
on and on and on

there is no turn in this bend
just a streched of a long dirt road
an eternal stretch without and end
and my back burdened with the load

keep pushin on
on and on and on…
keep digging on
till all the pain is gone



Wandering feet goes far
A wandering heart goes farther
When sole travels in distance beyond trails and harbors
The soul travels through life not gardens and arbors

What lies beyond the mist that thy eyes cannot see?
What’s with the unknown and unseen that beckons thyself to thee?
Was it an adventure worthy of your childhood dreams?
Or just a romanticized folly of a one man’s whim?

The steps taken that brought you smile and wants
Are the same steps that bore angst and grunts
Now you stop moving as the tide ebbed and sways
Hereto we conclude who goes and who stays

Some steps cannot be retraced as they usually do,
So I’ll plow ahead, painfully, haltingly pushin’ through
Travel in arches and curves and rings and circles
Till I find myself again, right next to you.

How A Tulip Came To Be



Drip drop like drizzle on the window pane
Clear puddles forming, gentle, silent, sane
Drowning little marks of age left on the glass
Prints vanishing ever slowly along with its bitter past

As the tributary makes its way to the darkened ground
Parched ground moisting, and breathes and bursts
Flowing through wounds that healing latterly found
Once devoid of certitude now hopeful with trusts

How time have forsaken this seed so small
Taken for granted, discarded and remembered not at all
Now embraced by moisture, the seed loses all fear
Touched by love and it begun to stir

Maybe the seed that was once bashful is now opening to life
Maybe a small drizzle opened its colorful petals to thee
Maybe love has erased her pain and hurt and strife
Maybe this is how a tulip came to be.


Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 04/24/16 3:42 AM

Of Blisters and Touches

Let me take this route,
A battered path
By generations of souls
The pavement is rough
Mine soles blistering

A voyage for the senses
When sense doesn’t exist
Like dogs baying at midnight
Praying for reprieve
Reprieve they ought to have

For a wandering soul
Without hope for rest
It is the absence of hope
That keeps them hoping for hope.
A chaotic cycle we live in

So trek ad infinitum
When vultures abound
Laying awake while a dirge is said
Soothing voices amidst mockery
A requiem for the living

So stop while you could
And lie still if you must
The earth breaths beneath
Every tremor is a groan
Every breeze is a smile

Let it go slow
Hues are recognized
By sight
Not by touch

Like heat that remains
When the last ember died out
The secret of the journey
Is not on the destination
It is by knowing the way.

Realized how to recognize
The rest would fall into its place

College Poems

Reading old inks

weathered papers touching my palm

old words written

fashioned during empty nights

old college poems

by old students all gone on

old rhymes I’ve read before

old rhymes I’m reading again

old memories flooding back

new smiles forming in

old names remembered

old places revisited in the mind

sometimes you’ll just wonder

though good new poems

printed on brand new pages

sound good and refreshing

it is those moments

embodied in those old college poems

I always come back to