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My 12 Top Fiction Novel List

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1) SHOGUN- (by James Clavell) The story took place in ancient japan about ass Kicking samurai and polital gobbling that could rival the modern day Philippine senate. simply Clavell at its best.

2) THE LAST DON (by Mario Puzo) The Master story teller of the novel Godfather is at the top of his game in this novel. Puzo knows how to end a good story.

3) THE SLEEPERS (by Lorenzo Carcaterra) The best novel out of Hell’s Kitchen. Carcaterra breaths life into the pages. A Count of Monte Cristo set up on modern day New York. A heavy theme written with the lightness of air.

4) HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (by JK Rollings) The best Harry Potter so far. It gave an absolutely beautiful ending to this modern day Mythology.

5) ANGELS & DEMONS (by Dan Brown) A lot better that Da Vinci Code. More Original. Unlike the code where all facts were copied from other existing books such as Holy Blood Holy Grail, Templar Revelation, etc.

6) BLOOD CANTICLE (by Anne Rice) Anne Rice’s storytelling has never been this good. Marius is as good as it gets. Forget Lestat. This is story about how Marius the Wise came to be.

7) MATERESE CIRCLE (by Robert Ludlum) Vintage Ludlum. spinning, twisting the story like he always do on his other novels, only this one is better.

8 ) SIGN OF THE CROSS (by Chris Kuzneski) Conspiracy fans of Dan Brown would love this guy. The sign of the cross is a good sign for things to come. (a pity it never made it to the NY Times bestseller list)

9) THE HISTORIAN (by Elizabeth Kostova) Pure narrrative storyteller. Kostova shed a new light on the Count Dracula myth. historical and well research. Kostova is in a class of her own.

 10) EXECUTIVE ORDER  (by Tom Clancy) This novel is Jack Ryan on steroids. Fast pacing and power packed.

11) TAI-PAN (by James Clavell) A novel set on early Hong Kong. A story about man’s thirst for power and insatiable greed. A story about how the success story of Hong Kong as a British colony began

12) THE PARTNER (by John Grisham) Grisham out of his familiar (courtroom) turf but still pull out a winner. The one of the best roller coaster novel out of the legal thriller genre.